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The following pages contain information about games that can be played as part of your child's speech therapy.

( If you are unsure about the suitability of these games for your child please check with your speech therapist.)

Before using these resources please read our disclaimer.

This section includes how to make the games with pages you can print directly from the browser, or from downloadable files.

We have also included instructions on how to play the games and also ways in which the games can be varied.

I will add to the games with time. If you have suggestions for games to go in this section pass them on to us either via our Forums or by e-mail. All contributions will be very welcome!

Speech Therapy Games and Activities

  • Think of a.......  game designed to get your child to think of words beginning with specific sounds. Now including the NEW Think of a ...2002 game.
  • Fill in a word ....  stories designed so your child can add missing words and pictures.
  • Sound train..... an activity to practice putting together sound sequences.
  • Picture cards
  • On my way to school I saw......... A game designed By Freida van Staden to encourage your child to use descriptive language.
  • A number spinner - to be used in place of dice in board games.
  • Frog Hop game - A simple game to get your child to repeat the same word six times.
  • Sound spinner - Sound spinner is a simple activity to practice putting different sounds  before vowel sounds
  • Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures
  • Odd one out - a simple activity designed to encourage the use of language.
  • Word puzzles
  • Letter crash - simple activity aimed at teaching your child to say the sounds 'ch' and 'j'
  • Picture cubes - 3D cardboard cubes with a picture on each face to use as an alternative to flashcards, or to play the story cubes game.
  • From Beginning to End (and back again) A game to practice putting the sounds 'ch', 'sh' and 'th' at the beginning or end of words.
  • Rabbit Hop - A simple game to get your child to repeat the same word six times. This game is based on our Frog Hop game but in this game the playing cards are larger and more suitable for use with younger children.

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