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Speech Therapy..... Frog Hop


A simple game to get your child to repeat the same word six times.

This is a quick game meant to be played in short bursts!

Select the picture to see a bigger view.

If you are unsure about the suitability of this game for your child please check with your speech therapist.

To play the game

  • Choose the word you want to practice
  • Slide the 6 pictures into the clear plastic pockets on the lily pads.
  • Attach the word card to the Velcro strip on the top of the board.
  • Ask your child to hop the frog to each lily pad, each time saying the word and removing the picture card.
  • On the last lily pad the frog gets to eat a tasty fly as a treat!


I chose picture cards for words beginning with s, sh, f, and c as these are the starting sounds that we are currently working on with Beth. It is easy to make any picture cards that you need. Remember to check out our clipart section for images that you can use.

To make the game

Instructions on how to make your own Frog Hop game.


To store the picture and word cards

Make clear pockets of overhead transparency film (Stick two sides only) on pieces of card.

Next to the pocket stick a piece of 'soft' sticky back Velcro to store the word card and hold the pocket closed.

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