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Speech Therapy ....... Sound Spinner


Sound spinner is a simple activity to practice putting different sounds e.g. s, sh, t, h, k etc. before vowel sounds e.g oo, oh, oar, eye, ah, ee

Select the picture to see a bigger view.

If you are unsure about the suitability of this game for your child please check with your speech therapist.

To play game 

  • Place the starting sound you have chosen on the arrow e.g. sh
  • Spin the arrow
  • Child says the starting sound followed by the vowel sound e.g. sh -eye (shy)
  • Spin again
  • After 10 successful spins reward with a well done sticker (set a higher or lower  number for the next time depending on how easy the activity was for the child)

To make game

  • You will need - stiff card, a split pin, a small bead, clear sticky back plastic (or laminate), sticky back Velcro, pictures to represent vowel sounds
    • Print vowel sound pictures from your browser (ah, oo, ee, eye, oh, oar)
    • Use other clipart or drawn images to represent vowel sounds
    • Ask your speech therapist for ideas for pictures to represent vowel sounds. (They may use a specific picture scheme)
  • Cut out the vowel sound pictures and stick them around the edge of your card base.
  • Cover the base in clear sticky back plastic or laminate to make it last longer.
  • Make an arrow out of card, punch a small hole in the center of the arrow.
  • Attach the arrow to the center of the card base, use a split pin and a bead to make it rotate freely.
  • Stick a small piece of 'soft' sticky back Velcro onto the end of the arrow.
  • Stick a strip of 'soft' sticky back Velcro onto the bottom of your card base to store your starting sound cards.
  • Use small squares of card to make your starting sound squares, we chose s, sh, f, h and k as these are beginning sounds that we are currently working on.
  • Stick a small square of 'hooky' sticky back Velcro on the back of each starting sound square.


Go to our downloads page to get the zipped Publisher file of the Sound Spinner. This was kindly prepared for us by Duncan Taylor.


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