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Parent Information......Introduction

The following pages contain information that could be useful for parents who have a child with speech difficulties.

Please feedback via our Forums  or by e-mail, tell us what you would find useful in this section. Or let us know if you have some useful information that you would like to publish here.

Before using these resources please read our disclaimer.

Useful information

  • The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb - Thumb sucking is a very common problem with children. This book approaches the issue in a fun and non-threatening way, providing subtle motivation and inspiration for children to stop the habit when they’re ready.
  • Tips and Hints
  • The Ten Commandments For Parents Of Children with Special Needs
  • Kinderstart search engine - an excellent search facility for all things related to kid's education, health and development
  • Story time - the benefits of reading to your child
  • Developmental milestones for speech and language development.
  • Support groups - Our support group in Derby and information on setting up your own parents support group.
  • Support Group directory  -this directory contains information about support groups for parents of children with speech difficulties and professionals involved in speech therapy. Our aim is to help people contact others in a similar situation in their own area or via the internet.
  • Young people with communication disorders - link to an article by Caroline Bowen
  • Reviews - Of childrens books, reference books, games, videos CDs and other useful resources.
  • Reading Together - information to help parents with ideas about the best way to approach reading practice with their child
  • Armani Drama Workshops - Nora Armani's children's workshops aim at giving children a chance to express themselves, helping them find a constructive and positive interactive interest in their everyday surroundings through drama.
  • Which school for my child? -Choosing a school for your child can be a difficult process for parents, especially if your child has special educational needs.The Parent Partnership Programme in Derby have kindly given us permission to include their list of example questions you might want to ask when visiting a school.NEW

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