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Speech Therapy....... On my way home from school I saw....


We got this wonderful game from Freida van Staden a speech language pathologist based in Sydney Australia.

This game allows your child to practice and use newly learnt sounds in sentences and spontaneous speech.

Freida has several versions of this game to print from the browser along with many other useful activities on her own site - http://members.tripod.com/Freida_vanStaden/SLP.htm

To play the game


Select the picture to see a larger view.


  • You will need the game board, player pieces e.g. small plastic figures and a number spinner (or two dice)
  • All players start on the home square.
  • Each player takes turns to spin the number spinner and move their player piece the number of spaces shown, unless the arrow stops on miss a turn or spin again.
  • The player looks at the picture on the square they have landed on and they have to say - 'On my way to school I saw...... e.g. a frog. If possible try to encourage your child to make up a little story , just a couple of sentences rather than just saying what they see on the picture e.g. On my way to school I saw a frog and he jumped into a pond.
  • The winner is the first player to reach the school picture.

To make the game

Instructions on how to make your own on my way to school I saw...... game.

To make a number spinner

click on the picture to get a larger view.

A number spinner can be used in place of dice for lots of games.

This is particularly useful if your child has a tendency to put small objects, like dice, into their mouth.

If your child can't recognise numbers yet you could replace these with dots as on the faces of dice.

Instructions on how to make a number spinner.






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