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SpeechTherapy..... Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures


We have always enjoyed reading rhyming books and this has been very helpful for improving Beth's speech. ( In our links section - resource reviews, you will find listed many of the children's books we have enjoyed)

It has also been great fun to create our own silly rhymes. We did this by thinking up a list of rhyming words e.g. Nelly, jelly, smelly, welly, telly, belly, then we made a silly rhyme out of them. See Nelly and the jelly listed below. The more disgustingly horrid the rhyme is the more my children seem to like it!

I have also started work on some Crazy Creatures. These creatures have 'nonsense' names to investigate and play with the sounds in words e.g. Lime the Slime Monster.

I would like this section to grow and grow, I will add more of our efforts with time and  if you come up with your own rhymes and crazy creatures please pass them on to us and I will be happy to include them here. Either put them on the Forums or e-mail us. If you have an illustration done by your child (or yourself!) e-mail us for details of how to send your illustration to us.

Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures



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