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Resources Introduction

Within the resources section you will find most of this sites content. We have divided this section into:-

  • Speech Therapy - Games and activities.
  • General Education - General educational resources including reading, writing and mathematics activities. Many of these are particularly suitable for young children and children with learning difficulties.
  • Parent Information - Useful articles and information for parents.
  • Clipart Pictures - Colour clipart pictures.
  • Kids Crafts - Simple craft ideas.
  • The cats out of the bag - This section contains animation's and useful bits of script etc. for those interested in building their own web pages. You can find the contents of this section from the resources summary table.
  • Summary Table - A summary of all the resources in the sections listed above.

You can find all the main resources sections using the navigation bar on the TOP of every resources page.

Each section begins with an introductory page listing all the resources currently available. I will add more resources with time so when you revisit this site check this section again. Our news page always has information about the resources that we have added recently.

Before using any of these resources please read our disclaimer.

Please take time to feedback your comments about our site resources by returning to this page and completing our feedback form. Or post your comments on our Forums. This will help us to improve and develop our resources.

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