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Speech Therapy...... Odd One Out


This is a simple activity designed to encourage use of language.

Your child is shown a set of 4 pictures and they have to decide which they think is the odd one out and explain why. This activity is meant to encourage discussion, observation and use of descriptive language. Remember if your child gets stuck for ideas give plenty of helpful clues.

The sets of pictures you use will depend on your child's age and level of ability with respect to speech. I have included in this section some of the odd one out sets that I have prepared for Beth. She found this activity quite hard at first but with encouragement has been able to use some good descriptive language to explain her choices. Remember there are lots of images in or clipart section that you can use to create your own odd one out sets. 

If you are unsure about the suitability of this activity for your child please check with your speech therapist.

To play odd one out

  • Show your child a set of 4 pictures
  • Encourage them to choose the odd one out and try to explain why they have chosen that picture.
  • Remember there is not always a 'correct' answer for each set. Different pictures can be chosen for different reasons e.g. 

    your child may choose cake because the others are all fruit or banana because they don't like bananas and they do like to eat the rest. Both answers are fine.

To make odd one out

  • I have prepared several odd one out sets on the following pages for you to print directly from your browser or save to your computer
    • Page 1
      • cat, dog, sheep, bird
      • car, bus, pony, airplane
      • tiger, tree, lion, tortoise
    • Page 2
      • shed, castle, shop, key
      • bed, table, television, teddy
      • cake, apple, orange, banana
      • cow, sheep, pig, tiger
    • Page 3
      • kangaroo, keys, apple, kite
      • fish, shark, crocodile, monkey
      • bat, bird, crab, airplane

  • You can go to our downloads page to download  two zipped pdf files with all the odd one out sets I have prepared so far (The image quality is slightly better than you will get printing from the browser).
  • You can easily make your own odd one out sets using your word processing or publishing package on your own PC. There are lots of images that you can use in our clipart section.
  • Checkout or picture card section ( resources - picture cards) for ideas on where to get images.


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