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Kids Crafts .....Introduction

Kids craft activities done at home or in school can provide loads of fun for the kids and adults alike. Beth and Ed have had a lot of pleasure out of doing craft activities at home with us.

In this section I want to share some of the things we have done. These activities are designed to be for fun and not specifically for speech therapy or education. However there are always lots of opportunities to encourage use of language and following instructions whilst having fun.

The ideas are usually quite simple and often a bit messy! I've included instructions on how to make and prepare the materials you will need for the activities.

If you have any suggestions  of activities to add to this section please do so via our Forums or by e-mail.

Kids craft activities

I've divided the craft activities table into five main areas

| Cut and stick - collage and model making activities | Paint, pencil and pen | Model making - play dough and salt dough | Food and kitchen | Craft links |


Craft area


Cut and stick
Paint, pencil and pen
Model making
Food and kitchen

Coming soon.....

Craft Links

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