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Speech Teach CD2

On this CD you will find the vast majority of the resources you will have seen on our website. Our resources on the CD are in a higher quality format than it is possible to use on the web site. This is because file sizes must be kept small for use on the internet. CD 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS.

To use this CD you will have to - place the CD into your disc drive and using explorer look at the file structure of the CD. You should see five main folders of content:-

  • Introduction
  • Clipart
  • Speech Therapy games and activities (Always consult your speech therapist before using any of these activities)
  • General Educational
  • Rewards

You will find details of how to use/construct these resources on the website. In the introduction and table of contents document on the CD you will see hyperlinks that will direct you to the correct part of the site for that activity. Also many of the .pdf resource files have printable instructions on how to make and use the resource.

Some of the resources on the CD are designed to support speech therapy activities others have general educational uses for children. Many of the general educational resources have been designed for children with learning difficulties.

On CD2 all the resources files are in .pdf portable document format. To open Portable Document files you will need Acrobat reader, this can be downloaded from:-

See the our table of contents page for full details of the files on the CD.

Clipart images are presented in jpeg format. These files can be imported into applications such as Word or Publisher, or into any image-editing package. They are designed to give you high quality images (200dpi resolution) at a size of 2X2 inches. As they are far higher resolution images than on the web site (72 dpi resolution on the web site) you can enlarge these images up to approximately 5X5 inches and still get a clear image. I have included a Word document with help on using images in Microsoft Word and Publisher documents.

Caution - I am not a speech therapist and the activities I am offering are in no way a substitute for professional speech therapy. They are designed purely to support such therapy

Copyright - The resources on the CD are available for personal use without permission but not for commercial publication.  2003 V Jones.

CD Table of contents
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