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Speech Therapy .... Fill in a word


These are stories I have written to try and encourage Beth to think of and practice saying words beginning with certain sounds. We started by working on words beginning with 's', 'sh', 'h', and 'f'. We have recently moved onto words beginning and ending with 'sh' and 'ch' sounds. This idea can easily be adapted to make stories concentrating on words beginning (or ending) in different sounds.

 Beth and Ed both helped with ideas for the characters and events they wanted in their stories (I have found that Beth is far more interested in activities if she has had some input into there production). I then wrote out the story cramming in as many words containing the sounds we are practicing as possible!

The stories have blanks in where Beth has to fill in a word or word and picture. Rather than writing in words I have used sticky back Velcro so that a word or picture card can be stuck into the appropriate gap in the story. This makes the activity one that can be used over and over again. I find that this is important for Beth as lots of practice is needed to get an improvement in her speech.

Word and picture cards on storage page.

First page of the story.

Select either picture to see a bigger view.

The word and picture cards are kept on their own storage sheet. As you read the story with your child get them to choose the best word or picture from the storage page to fill the gaps in the story. If your child thinks of different words to fill in you can always make more word cards.

When you are finished return the word and picture cards to the storage sheet ready for next time.



Have you got a story you could add to this resource section? If you have please e-mail me with details.



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