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Speech Therapy...... Sound Train


This is an activity that was suggested to us by a wonderful speech therapist when Beth was just starting to learn to talk. We have recently come back to this idea again to help Beth practice putting sh, f, s and h in front of vowel sounds e.g sh - oo, see the train below.  When Beth tries to say shoe she is actually saying sh- hoe, this activity lets her practice putting the sounds together without  having to say an actual word. You can of course use the wagons to build up a sequence of sounds that do make a word e.g. sh - oo - s.

This activity is designed to get your child to practice putting together a sequence of sounds.

The sound train has an engine and wagons. Each wagon has a letter or picture (or both) that represent a certain sound.

The train shown above has the sounds sh - oo - sh, your child repeats the sequence over and over to make that train's sound.

The sounds you choose for the wagons will depend on what you are working on with your own child. Remember if you are not sure about the suitability of this game for your child check with your speech therapist first.

To play sound train

  • Get out your sound train (instructions on how to make one are given below)
  • Choose the sound cards that you want for your train
    • Ask your speech therapist which sounds they would like your child to practice saying together.
    • Examples of ones we have used
      • sh
      • h
      • f
      • s
      • eye (picture of an eye)
      • ah (picture of someone yawning)
      • ore (picture of an ore from a row boat)
      • oh (picture of a firework exploding)
      • ee (picture of a mouse)
      • oo (picture of a ghost)
  • You say the sound the train makes, repeating it over a few times,
  • Ask your child if they would like to say this train's sound.
  • Get your child to move the train along the floor while saying it's sound.

Pictures to use on sound cards are available in the how to make a sound train section. Or you could use pictures from our clipart section to be associated with certain sounds. Ask your speech therapist for ideas.

To make sound train

Instructions on how to build your own sound train.

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