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Speech Therapy ..... Letter Crash


A simple activity to help to teach your child to make the sound 'ch' or the sound 'j'.

Many thanks to our speech Therapist Jo for giving me the initial ideas that I have based this activity on.

If you are unsure about the suitability of this activity for your child please check with your speech therapist.

To use letter crash

In letter crash for 'ch' the  two cars have the letters 't' on the first car and 'y' on the second car.

The cars are moved closer and closer your child repeats t-y faster and faster. 

When the cars meet in the middle the top cars are flipped up to reveal 'ch' and you say 'ch'

In letter crash for 'j' the  two lorries have the letters 'd' on the first lorry and 'y' on the second lorry. When these letters are crashed together you get to the sound 'j'


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