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Speech Therapy....... Picture Cards


I have found that speech therapy activities often need picture cards.

These can be used in many ways, just a few would include

  • Picture card match up
  • Picture card treasure hunt
  • Picture and word match up
  • Picture card snap games
  • Picture cards can be  used as part of a communication aid. If you want free black and white line drawing picture cards of objects and actions you should visit the do2learn web site. they have lots of picture card sections including
    • self-help e.g. bathroom and personal care, dressing and undressing etc.
    • activities e.g.  sit, work, eat, sleep....
    • home and school e.g. home, school, food
    • social e.g. behaviour, emotions
    • miscellaneous e.g. weather, safety signs, summer, holiday
  • Picture flashcards designed to
    • encourage  a child to say that word
    • identify pictures with certain starting sounds
    • encourage a child to discuss what is shown in the picture.

Making your own picture cards

There are many ways that you can make your own picture cards. My daughter always finds colourful images far more interesting than black and white. Here are a few ideas I have used.

  • Cut out pictures from
    • old catalogues
    • magazines
    • old children's books (try looking at jumble sales)
  • Draw simple pictures, maybe your child could help you draw some or colour in the ones you have drawn.
  • Use your computer to create picture cards
    • In your word processing or publishing package
    • Create a text box 
    • Add a border
    • Put a picture box inside
    • Copy and paste these several times
    • Add different pictures to each picture box
    • Print out and cut out your picture cards
    • Create new picture cards by changing the pictures
    • Where to get images from?
      • Try the clipart that comes with your word processing software
      • Use a scanner to create suitable images
      • Use a digital camera to create suitable images
      • Buy clipart, there are many clipart CD's available commercially
      • Use clipart from the internet, including the clipart images I have prepared on this site.


  • Use the clipart section of this site. I have set up the clipart so it can be printed out straight from the browser and be cut up to make picture cards.

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