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Clipart .....Introduction

The clipart on this site is made up of images that I have created myself and images that I have found on the internet.

The size of these images is limited by the need to keep file sizes as small as possible for the internet.


NOW AVAILABLE a Speech Teach UK resource CD. This will have many of our clip art as jpeg files. These can be imported directly into your word processing or publishing package. The images on the CD will be of much higher resolution, i.e. you will be able to enlarge the image up to 5 x5 inches and still get a clear picture. For more information select the Buy CD link in the main left hand navigation bar.

I will be adding to the range of images all the time. So check back again next time if you cannot find what you need.

Images printed directly from the browser will be quite small. To get a larger image right click picture and save image then import the image into your word processing package e.g. Word and enlarge the image there. Most of these images are designed to be used at a size of 2 inch x 2 inch. If you make them a lot bigger than this you will loose image quality (i.e. get a fuzzy image)

If you want to save the image file, right click on the image and select save picture as and choose where you wish to save the file on your hard drive.


If you have suggestions of images you would find useful please post these on the Forums.


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