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Speech Therapy..... Rabbit Hop


A simple game to get your child to repeat the same word six times.

This game is based on our Frog Hop game. In this game the playing cards are larger and more suitable for use with younger children.

This is an active game, you will need space to set out your dandelion patches on the floor so that your child can jump the rabbit from patch to patch, each time saying the word on the rabbits picture (Pictures are held in a clear plastic pocket on the rabbits side). On each dandelion patch the rabbit gets a treat to eat!

If you are unsure about the suitability of this game for your child please check with your speech therapist.

To play rabbit hop

You will need
  • A rabbit (with clear plastic pocket on side to hold a picture card)
  • Six dandelion patches (5 patches with a dandelion leaf that can be removed, one patch with a removable carrot)
  • Picture cards (use pictures that fit in with your speech therapy program)
To play the game
  • Choose the picture card that you want to practice e.g. a cat
  • Slide the card into the clear plastic pocket on the rabbits side.
  • Place the six dandelion patches on the floor, the first 5 have dandelion leaves attached with Velcro the last patch has a carrot attached with Velcro.
  • Your child jumps the rabbit from patch to patch on the floor, each time the rabbit gets to a dandelion patch your child says the word (on the picture card) your child may then remove the leaf and 'feed it' to the rabbit.
  • On the last patch the rabbit gets a tasty carrot.

This game is designed to be played in short bursts. You can easily adapt this idea e.g. a puppy jumping from kennel to kennel each time getting a bone etc.

For children who are just beginning to speak you might use animal picture cards but instead of saying the animals name make the animals noise, e.g. cow = moo

To make rabbit hop

In our downloads section you will find a zipped folder with 4 Adobe Acrobat .pdf files

  1. background.pdf = dandelion patch (you will need to print off 6 copies of this one)
  2. leaves.pdf = pictures of dandelion leaves and a carrot to add to your dandelion patches.
  3. rabbit.pdf = picture of rabbit
  4. ch_word_cards.pdf = six picture cards for words beginning with 'ch'
  • Print off the pictures that you need
    • 1 rabbit
    • 6 dandelion patches
    • 1 sheet with leaves and carrot
  • Mount the pictures on stiff card and cover in clear sticky back plastic or laminate.
  • Cut around the rabbit picture,
  • Create a clear plastic pocket on the side of the rabbit picture to hold the picture card. Overhead transparency film is very good for this. Stick it in place with clear sticky tape (on three sides only!)
  • Cut out 5 dandelion leaves and 1 carrot, attach these to the dandelion patch using sticky back Velcro.
  • Create your picture cards. Choose the pictures that you want, mount on card and cover with sticky back plastic or laminate. Make sure your pictures will fit into the clear plastic pocket on the rabbits side.
    • In the download you will find six picture cards for 'ch' words (chimp, cheetah, chair, cherry bun, chick, chief)
    • Our clipart section has many images that you can use to make picture cards.
    • You will find lots of other ideas in our section on making picture cards.



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