We are......

A family of four living in Derby England. My daughter Beth was born in 1994 and my son Ed was born in 1996. 
Before this I worked as a science teacher in secondary school.

I am now working as a freelance web site designer.

We first noticed that Beth had developmental problems when her speech was late. At age two and a half she could only say 2 or 3 words and at age 3 she started to see a speech therapist.
 In the early days we used Makaton sign language to help Beth communicate, this was very useful.
 Gradually Beth's speech has improved, she still sees a speech therapist and especially has problems putting the beginning sounds on words. 
At first this was all beginning sounds, now she has problems with some sounds (e.g. s, f, v, sh, ch )
 Her general clarity of speech is something that we are working on all the time.

Development of our web site.....

During the years that my daughter has had speech therapy I have made lots of resources to support the activity ideas given by our speech therapists, teachers and other support workers.

To try and keep my daughter interested I have used lots of different ways to approach her speech therapy activities.

She always prefers pictures to be colourful and games to be fun and varied. This is one of the reasons why I started to draw my own clipart pictures to use in speech therapy games.

I have tried to include as many of these resources as possible in this web site.

Our site also has some general educational resources. These are not directly linked to speech therapy activities but  I have them very useful for both my children. Many of these activities are particularly suited for children who have some general learning difficulties.

As I create new resurces for my children I will try and share them here. We are also always looking for input from others. Our resources section also contains links to other web resources that I have found useful.

If you have ideas or resources that you would like to include on this site please e-mail us.

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