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Speech Therapy...... Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures

Useful Rhyme Books

In this section I would like to list poetry and rhyme books that are particularly suitable for children.

I will add the ones we have found useful but I need your help too. If you know of good children's poetry books e-mail me with the book details and I will add it here. If you have your own children's poems or rhymes that you or your child have written I would be very happy to include them in this section (I could even add your own pictures e-mail me if you want to do this)

Rhyme books

  • The Hairy Hamster Hunt  And Other Pet Poems - Compiled by Tony Bradman

    Publisher -
    Macdonald Young Books

    - A really magical compilation of poems with great illustrations (by Chris Fisher)

  • Poems for the very young

    - Selected by Michael Rosen

    Publisher -

    - A lovely selection of traditional and more recent poems. Beautifully illustrated by Bob Graham.

  • Cockadoodle Moo

    - Compiled  by John Foster

    Publisher -
    Oxford University Press (2001)

    - A lovely selection poems for children. Beautifully illustrated by various artists

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