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SpeechTherapy..... Silly Rhymes and Crazy Creatures

Monster Rhyme

I came up with these crazy monsters to help Beth practice saying consonant combinations sl, gl, gr, bl. We say the rhyme together and Beth has six picture cards one of each monster. Beth chooses the correct monster picture for each part of the rhyme and we repeat the monsters name together e.g. Lime the Slime Monster. You will find pictures of all the monsters, and their names on the Monster Character page.



Lime the Slime
Is feeling fine

Lum the Glum
Is the colour of a plum

Rhyme the Grime
He is messy all the time

Lou the Blue 
Says "I'm only two!"

Lippy the Slippery
Is terribly dippy

Reen the Green
She is very mean

The monsters are fun
we like everyone!

You can go to our Downloads page to download a zipped folder containing a pdf file of the monster rhyme (illustrated) and a pdf file of the monster characters (pictures and names)

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