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Crazy Rhymes for Modern Times


The ten volumes of Crazy Rhymes for Modern times, written by Angie Barlow and beautifully illustrated by Alischa Friend and Nick White are a fantastic resource for parents wishing to use humorous rhyme to help teach their children.

About the books

Crazy Rhymes Books are intended to teach children using fun and laughter. Language skills can be developed and improved whilst simultaneously teaching kids about rhythm and rhyme, which is essential for maths and music. Many concepts in Crazy Rhymes Books such as sharing, independence, deforestation, space, nature, extinction etc. will be taught at schools during the curriculum or via specific projects.

One of the aims of Crazy Rhymes Books is to encourage kids to develop their phonic skills with many of the phonic sounds being used in the rhymes (such as the Adder who had an Abacus and Zak the Yak from old Zion). Children can tire of simplistic phonic sets such as A is for Apple, so Crazy Rhymes books are intended to be more challenging and up to date whilst still assisting with crucial skill sets.

Geographical locations (such as the Stinky Skunk who goes to India) and historical events (like the Incas) are also covered in the books to encourage children to seek more information about their world and its past and to think beyond their own sphere of influence.

Some of the vocabulary in Crazy Rhymes Books is intended to challenge even the brightest youngsters (like arboreal apes in The Orang Utan). This is designed to encourage kids to use dictionaries and a thesaurus to improve their own vocabularies and thereby increase their speaking skills.

Parents and Teachers Notes have been included at the end of many of the Crazy Rhymes to suggest projects to complete after the book has been put down (such as looking up which animals are in danger of extinction and how to help save them).

In summary however, Crazy Rhymes Books are designed so that whether or not the children understand the significance of the concepts and educational value of the book - they will have a great deal of fun reading the rhymes and laughing at the illustrations.

Angie Barlow November 2002

Example page from volume 1

Where to buy the books

Volumes 1 and 2 of Crazy Rhymes for Modern Times is available at a number of outlets throughout Australia and England.

If you have difficulty obtaining a copy, please email: angie@crazyrhymes.com or phone 0422 504567.

Volumes 3 and 4 of Crazy Rhymes are currently going to print with approximately 100 pages of fun rhymes and zany illustrations. A sneak excerpt of that book can be found on the Crazy Rhymes website: www.crazyrhymes.com.

For the complete book please email: angie@crazyrhymes.com or phone 0422 504567.

Title - Crazy Rhymes for Modern Times - Volumes 1 & 2

Written by- Angie Barlow

Illustrated by - Alischa Friend and Nick White

ISBN :0 9750031 0 0

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