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Speech Therapy....... Picture Cards

Picture Word Match-Up

An early reading activity

You will need

  • Two picture boards (each with 9 pictures, to make the game easier use fewer pictures)
  • A set of word cards (matching the pictures on your boards)
  • You can print the picture boards and word boards shown above directly from your browser. 

    Images printed directly from the browser will be quite small. To get a larger image right click picture and save image then import the image into your word processing package e.g. Word and enlarge the image there. 


  • You can download a zipped pdf files of the two animal picture boards and also two animal word boards. For more information on zipped files visit our downloads page.
  • It is easy to create picture boards on your own PC, there are lots of images in our clipart section that you can use.

To play the game 

  • Players choose a board each
  • Adult places word cards down one by one
  • Child shouts out word if it matches a picture on their board, if they are correct the card is placed on their board
  • The winner is the first player to match up all their pictures.


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