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Speech Therapy....... Picture Cards

Picture Card Treasure Hunt

A simple game where picture cards are hidden to make a treasure hunt game.

You will need

  • Two picture boards (each with 9 pictures, to make the game easier use fewer pictures)
  • A set of picture cards (matching the pictures on your boards)
  • You can print the picture boards shown above directly from your browser. 

    Images printed directly from the browser will be quite small. To get a larger image right click picture and save image then import the image into your word processing package e.g. Word and enlarge the image there. Print two copies, one to make the board, one to cut up to make the picture cards.


  • You can download a zipped pdf files of the two animal picture boards and also two animal word boards. For more information on zipped files visit our downloads page.
  • It is easy to create picture boards on your own PC, there are lots of images in our clipart section that you can use.

To play the game 

  • Players choose a board each
  • All picture cards are hidden around the room (Best if an adult does the hiding or they may never be found!)
  • The players hunt for the cards, when they find one if it matches a picture on their board they say the word and place the card on their board
  • If the picture doesn't match the card is hidden again
  • The winner is the first player to match up all their pictures.


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