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Kids Crafts ......... Masks


Making masks is an ideal activity in the run up to Halloween. Some of the mask designs are 'scary' and others 'cute'. All of the mask designs ready for you to colour and decorate are available as zipped Adobe Acrobat .pdf files for you to download.


You will need

  • Mask fronts to decorate
    • Available to download as zipped folder containing Adobe Acrobat files
      • Basic Mask back design
      • Dragon Mask
      • Fairy Mask
      • Scary Mask Fronts 12 different designs (for more detail on the mask fronts available see below)
  • Thin Elastic
  • Felt pens / pencil crayons / wax crayons / paint
  • Card to print on
  • Card (for making accessories - ears, hats, 3D noses etc.)
  • Wool for making hair, fur, whiskers
  • Tissue paper / craft paper
  • Glitter glue, glitter
  • PVA glue
  • Masking tape / clear tape
  • Stapler

To Make Your Masks

  • The back of each mask is made up of a Basic Mask. This is printed onto thin card

  • Cut out the mask shape, cut out the eye holes.
  • Fold over the side tabs and strengthen with masking tape.
  • Cut small holes in the side tabs to thread the thin elastic through
  • Once you have the mask back prepared choose which mask front you want to decorate. For example a dragon mask.

  • Cut out the eye holes on your mask front
  • Decorate your mask
  • Allow any paint or glue to dry completely then glue or tape your mask back to the mask front. Trim away any of the mask back that can be seen from the front (this will happen with a few of the mask fronts e.g. the dragon and the fairy)
  • Your mask is now ready to wear.

Mask Fronts

I have prepared various mask designs for you to decorate. Examples of some of these are shown below. They print onto A4 card. If you print onto paper mount the mask onto card and allow to dry before decorating.

Decoration Ideas

  • Use scrunched up tissue paper to create 3D noses etc. on your mask.
  • Add hair with 'furry' wool
  • Stick tissue paper onto your mask with PVA glue to create wrinkly skin
  • Use glue and glitter to create highlighted sections
  • Use florescent paint or pens
  • Use metallic paints or pencils.
  • Add hats and ears etc.
  • Use a mask back to draw the eye position onto a piece of card, cut out the eye holes, then make up your own mask front design.

Mask Gallery

If you have created a masterpiece mask e-mail us a picture of your mask and we will add it to our mask gallery.

Visit our mask gallery


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