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Speech Therapy ...... Word Puzzles

Fish Tails

An activity where two words are split into puzzle pieces. The aim of this activity is to practice using the 'sh' sound at the beginning and end position in words.

To play Fish Tails

  • Go through all the sounds on the pieces of the fish and shark puzzle.
  • Get your child to build 'fish' with the puzzle pieces sticking them with blu-tack onto the ocean background.
  • Say the words you have made on your fish. The puzzle pieces can make the words fish and shark and also 'nonsense' words e.g. shish (the nonsense words are often more fun!)

To make Fish Tails

  • You can print from your browser
  • Or you can download a folder containing two zipped Acrobat .pdf  files one of the ocean background the other of the fish and shark. The images in these files are larger (near A4) in size than the images you will get printing from your browser.
  • You will also need
    • Card
    • Glue
    • Clear sticky back plastic / or laminate puzzle pieces
    • Sticky Blu-tack to hold puzzle pieces on the ocean background
  • Print off the ocean background, stick onto card and then laminate this or cover in clear sticky back plastic to strengthen and protect it.
  • Print off your fish and shark, again stick onto card and laminate
  • Carefully cut out the fish and shark puzzle pieces 

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