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Speech Therapy...... Sound Train

To make your own sound train game......

You will need
  • Card
  • Clear sticky back plastic (or get the train sections laminated)
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Glue
  • Split pins
  • Clear overhead transparency sheets, you will probably only need one A4 sheet.
  • Train engine and wagon pictures, you will need at least 3 wagon pictures. (to print out from the browser first  change your page orientation to landscape in print set up)
  • If you prefer you can download a zipped Publisher file with all the pictures you will need to make your own train. The pictures in the publisher file will give you a bigger train than the one you can print from the browser. You will need Winzip to unzip the file for more details visit our downloads page.
  • Stick the picture of the engine and the wagons onto card and allow to dry.
  • Cover the engine and wagon cards with clear sticky back plastic, or have them laminated.
  • Cut rectangles of overhead transparency sheets to fit the size of your wagon.
  • Stick these rectangles onto the wagons with clear sticky tape, leave the top edge open so each wagon has a clear pocket into which you can slide a sound card.
  • Connect your engine and wagons together using short strips of stiff card.
    • Carefully make small holes at either end of the card strip
    • Make small holes in the black bumpers on the engine and the wagons.
    • Use split pins to connect the train pieces to the strips of card.
    • Have a look at the picture on the previous page
  • Stick the vowel sound cards and letter cards onto card, again to increase their life span its a good idea to cover them in sticky back plastic or have them laminated.
  • Cut out the individual cards.
  • Enjoy playing the game.

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