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Parent Information - Our Support Group

I organize a local parent group. We all have children with speech difficulties, but our children all have very different abilities and problems. We meet one afternoon  per week during term time and occasionally during school holidays. During the meeting we generally chat about our children's progress, problems, worries etc. We also share resources and ideas.

I have found it extremely helpful to be able to talk to other parents who have been through or are going through similar experiences. These include things like referrals to see speech therapists, medical assessments, getting a statement of special needs and many others.

One thing that became apparent to me from meeting other parents is that although our children are very different we all share lots of common experiences. Especially the frustration that many children with speech problems feel when they are not understood.

If you live in the Derby area of England and would like to come along to this group please e-mail me giving your name and telephone number. You could also try dropping into our chat room (UK chat times are 9pm on Sundays) to meet other parents.

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