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Parent Information - Support group Directory


The following directory contains information about support groups, both for parents of children with speech difficulties and for professionals involved in speech therapy. Our aim is to help people contact others in a similar situation, in their own area, or via the internet.

For this to work we need your help. We need to gather as much data as possible about parent support groups. I  also want to include information on  support groups where speech therapists and other related professionals can meet on the internet. If you attend a support group submit the details about the group below and we will add the information to the directory table as soon as possible.

We want to include parent support groups based in the UK and also internationally. I have also included two separate sections for internet support groups one for parents and one for professionals.

If you want to set up your own support group and are looking for ideas on how to do this why not try looking at our information in how to set up your own support group.

Support group directory

This directory is divided into 4 sections

UK Parent Groups | International Parent Groups | Internet Parent Groups | Internet Professional Groups |

UK Parent Groups
  • Derby Speech Teach

    • Area - East Midlands, Derby North

    • Contact name - Vanessa Jones

    • Contact e-mail - catchall@speechteach.co.uk

    • Other information - Meetings on Fri pm during school term time.

  • ABA - Turkce

    • Area - England

    • Contact name - Nevin Penny

    • Contact e-mail - ABA-Turkce@yahoogroups.com

    • Other information - ABA-Turkce group aims to reach Turkish speaking parents and professionals who would like to share all sorts of information regarding autism.

International Parent Groups
  • ECHO - Expressive Communication Help Organization.
    • Country - Canada
    • Area - Greater Toronto Area
    • Contact name - Rhonda Jacobson Cherry
    • Contact e-mail - echo@apraxia.ca
    • Contact URL - http://www.apraxia.ca
    • Other information - Our group meets the second Sunday of each month in the Toronto Area.
  • ASK - Anglophone Special Kids
    • Country- Switzerland
    • Area - Geneva
    • Contact name -
    • Contact e-mail - info@Anglophonespecialkids.org
    • Contact URL - www.anglophonespecialkids.org
    • Other information - A Geneva-based English-speaking parent support network for families of children with special needs, including speech problems, dyslexia, and autism. We also count special needs professionals among our members.
Internet Parent Groups
  • Speech Teach Chat Room
  • Childrensapraxianet
    • URL - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/childrensapraxianet
    • Late Talker vs. Apraxia?   Speech Delay vs. Disorder?   Autism vs. Apraxia?   Find out with CHERAB Foundation's "virtual group" which is overseen by medical, speech, and educational professionals
  • SpecialkidsintheUK
    • Hi my names Karina. I have a son with severe cerebral palsy. I created this group for any parents in the UK with special needs children to come and support one another. Come and discuss treatments, therapies and share the good times and bad.   I have seen a lot of support groups but very few have been based in the UK so I decided to start this one! Come and join in!
  • Latetalkers
    • URL - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Latetalkers
    • To discuss developmental speech delays caused by apraxia (dyspraxia), phonological disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, or other causes.   The list is varied but our common thread is helping those children attain intelligible speech.
  • Apraxiaglobalsupport
  • ECHO - Expressive Communication Help Organization.
    • URL - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/apraxiaontario
    • An online listserv which is open to any parents, caregivers, or professionals looking for resources, support and ideas for living with a child with apraxia of speech. Select the link above to join the group.
  • One voice
  • Autism Treatment Info
    • URL - http://www.autismtreatment.info/
    • Treatment Tips for Children with Autism, PDD & Asperger's Syndrome. Parents share their experience running In-Home treatment programs for their children with Autism.
Internet Professional Groups
  • Speaking of speech
    • URL - http://www.speakingofspeech.com
      Select the Help Line link in the main left hand navigation bar
    • A place where speech therapy professionals can ask and answer questions.

Submit your support group details

  • Please provide the support group name and URL if appropriate (e.g. www.yourgroup.com), country, region plus your name and e-mail address. Your name and e-mail address are not compulsory but will assist if we need to contact you.

    First Name

    Last Name


    Support Group Name




  • Please describe your support group in no more than 30 words. Indicate if your group is designed for parents, professionals or both

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