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Speech Therapy...... Fill in a word

Chocolate Cake Story

A story about Mum making a chocolate cake for the family. This story contains words beginning and ending with 'sh' and words beginning in 'ch'.

Pages to print out from your browser


You can download  a zipped folder with all the Adobe Acrobat files you need to make this story activity in it. The adobe Acrobat files have the two story pages with blank squares or colour filled boxes where the pictures will fit and also a separate sheet with all the missing pictures and words. 

Go to our downloads page for more details about zipped files and to download the Zipped folder.

To make and use your story

Print out the story and pictures. Then carefully cut out the pictures and their words, mount these on card. Stick the story onto two pieces of A4 card . Where possible laminate the story cards and picture cards to make them last longer!

Use sticky back Velcro to allow your child to add the pictures back to the story. Different members of the family can choose different cake toppings. You could even get your child to draw more pictures for cake topping ideas and use these with the story.

TIP use highlighter pen to mark the sounds you are particularly interested in working on. In this story highlight the 'sh' and 'ch' sounds.

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