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Parent Information - Young People with communication Disorders


Caroline Bowen PhD is an Australian Speech-Language Pathologist. Her clearly written, user-friendly and regularly updated web site provides theoretically sound information for families, students and SLP professionals about speech, language, voice, fluency and pragmatic disorders in children. Fact is clearly differentiated from opinion throughout the site.

Caroline has added a fascinating article on young people with communication disorders to her web site. This article includes information information for high school and University students and their parents and teachers

Private hell or safe haven?.
For students with communication disorders, high school and university can feel like an interminable ordeal. But when supplied with appropriate information, insight, resources and time, and input from parents when necessary, teachers can provide structure, support, encouragement and an exciting learning environment for them.
Rather than being a student's private hell, school or university can become a welcoming safe haven and a place to develop and shine.

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