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Parent Information - Which school for my child?


Choosing a school for your child can be a difficult process for parents, especially if your child has special educational needs.

The Parent Partnership Programme in Derby have kindly given us permission to include on our web site their list of example questions you might want to ask when visiting a school.

The Parent Partnership Programme offer many services for parents who have children with special needs in Derby. If you would like more information please telephone the Parent Partnership on Derby (01332) 716930

Examples of questions you might want to ask

  1. Does the school have any experience of helping chidren who have similar difficulties to my child?

  2. How many other children in the school have special educational needs? What kinds of needs do they have?

  3. How is the school organised? Into departments? How? By age? By ability? Subject Groups?

  4. How might this change as my child gets older?

  5. How often would my child change class or move around the school?

  6. How many staff are there in school

    Teaching staff

    Non- teaching staff for supporting special needs

  7. What training have staff had about special educational needs?

  8. What does the school do to make sure that all the staff would know about my child's individual needs?

  9. How many children would be in my child's class?

  10. How would the other children be helped to understand my child's special needs?

  11. How would my child be helped to make friends?

  12. When and how often are children taught outside the classroom?

  13. Is there a separate room for special needs? What equipment and resources are there?

  14. How does the school arrange extra support for children who need it?

  15. Is the extra support usually provided in the classroom, individually or small groups?

  16. How does the school help children to learn how to make the school a happy place? Does the behaviour system reward effort as well as success?

  17. What is the schools experience of bullying? How would the school prevent my child from being bullied?

  18. How would the school make sure my child has the chance to take part in all areas of the curriculum?

  19. How is children's work assessed for progress?

  20. How regularly would my child's progress be reviewed? Who is involved in this?

  21. What happens if school staff feel my child is not making progress?

  22. What would happen if I feel my child is not making progress or if I have any concerns?

  23. What special arrangements are there for internal exams, tests and SATs?

  24. (For older children) What public examinations are children able to take and what is the success rate?

  25. How do you make sure all children have equal opportunities to take part in school trips?

  26. How would my child be encouraged to take part in out of school activities such as clubs and sports events?

  27. How often are written reports sent home?

  28. How would I be involved in the individual planning for my child's special educational needs?

  29. How would I be kept up to date about what is happening in school?

  30. How are parents involved in school life?

  31. Does the school produce newsletters for parents?

  32. What sort of support and guidance does the school offer for parents?

  33. Is there a parents group?

  34. What health or medical facilities does the school have?

  35. What arrangements are usually made for transport to and from school?

  36. How would you get to know my child before they start at your school?

  37. How would my child get to know your school especially in the first few days after starting?

  38. (If your child has difficulty walking) Are all areas of the school accessible to my child, or would adaptations be necessary?


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