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The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb


Oliver the bearThumb sucking is a very common problem with children. However there are very few books or resources for parents, which touch on this topic.

The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb is a beautifully illustrated story book, written by a dentist, Dr Dragan Antolos.

To buy a copy of the book please visit www.thumbsuckinghelp.com (opens in a new window)

About the book

Oliver the bear and the dragonDr Antolos graduated in 1982, and has a dental practice in Melbourne, Australia.

His practice addresses all aspects of dental health. However he has a special interest in orthodontics (especially the effect of thumb sucking on permanent teeth and dental development). Married in 1988, he has two daughters (one of whom was a thumb sucker!).

His passion for painting and drawing together with his frustration at the lack of children's literature addressing this common children's habit lead him to write and illustrate the story of Oliver, The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb.

His experience has lead him to regard restraining aids and devices as a very last resort, as a means of tackling the thumb sucking problem; instead adopting positive psychology and encouragement, to inspire children and turn the solution into a fun and interactive experience using the book and chart.

The little Bear who sucked his thumb - book and wall chart with stickersOliver is a little bear that sucks his thumb, who with the help of a mystical dragon is able to overcome his thumb sucking problem.

The book approaches the issue in a fun and non-threatening way, providing subtle motivation and inspiration for children to stop the habit when they’re ready.

A personalized wall chart, gold pouch and stickers are also available, for an attractive, easy way to record successes.

Having achieved great success and positive feedback from parents of children who are thumb suckers, The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb has become a valuable resource for parents, and health professionals.’

Example pages from The Little Bear who Sucked his Thumb


Where to buy the book

To buy a copy of the book please visit www.thumbsuckinghelp.com (opens in a new window)

Dr Dragan Antolos Thumb Sucking Help

Published by Brolga Publishing Pty Ltd. Distributed by Pan Macmillan Australia-wide. Binding – BH/Board. Format 297 x 210

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