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Parent Information - Reviews of... Books, Games, Videos


The following resources are ones that either I have used personally or are recommendations that have come to me  via feedback from this site.

I have split up the resource reviews table into the following sections

| Children's books | Reference books (Speech related issues) | Teaching Reading | Games / Toys | CD ROMS | Videos / Audio CDs |

Caution - These reviews of resources are provided for information. We can not accept any responsibility for any advice or information given. These resources should only be used to support professional speech therapy and are in no way meant to be a replacement for such therapy.

Please pass on suggestions of resources to add to this table via the Forums.

Useful resources


Resource Review

Children's books















































  • Dr Seuss books I have found many of the range of Dr Seuss books very useful e.g. 
    • The Cat in the Hat, 
    • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back
    • Fox in Sox, 
    • Green Eggs and Ham,
    • One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
    • There's a Wocket in my Pocket
    • Horton Hears a Who!
    • The Lorax

    Author -  Dr Seuss

    Publisher - Collins

    Comment - I have found these books very useful for encouraging Beth's speech. Rhyming text seems particularly helpful for developing her understanding of the order in which sounds are appearing in words.

  • Letterland books
    • Letterland First Alphabet and Word Book
    • Letterland ABC

    Author - Jane Launchbury

    Publisher  - Collins

    Comment - I found these books really useful when my daughter was first learning her letters but still had limited speech. Some letters she could not make the sound for e.g. 'v' ,but she could use the letterland name 'vase of violets' and even though what she actually said was 'ase of iolets' I could understand that by that she meant the letter 'v'.

  • The Usborne First Thousand Words

    Author -
    Heather Amery

    - Usborne

    - A really good word and picture book. The first part of the book has double page spreads organised by topic e.g. at home, the street, travel etc. 
    Each double page spread has an interesting centre picture, very good for encouraging your child to discuss and describe what they see. Each central picture is surrounded by a border with the individual pictures and words e.g. for seaside - sea, starfish, spade, bucket etc. It makes an interesting game to try and spot all the border pictures in the central picture.
    The second part of the book has pictures arranged by topic with no central picture e.g. food, me, my clothes, people, doing things, opposite words, days, special days, weather , seasons, pets and more!

  • Each Peach Pear Plum

    - Janet and Allan Ahlberg

    Publisher -
    Puffin Books

    - A really magical picture story book with lovely rhyming text and beautiful illustrations. Lots to talk about in the pictures. This has been a very popular book with my children for years.

  • Playing

    - Catherine Anholt

    Publisher -
    Orchard Books

    - Lots of interesting illustrations of children carrying out activities e.g. pushing, sliding, climbing, hiding, cycling, reading, drawing and many more. Playing is part of the Doing things series of books. Others in the series include Animal Friends, Bedtime and Helping.

  • Incy - Wincy Spider

    - Katie George
    Publisher -
    Levinson Childrens Books 1995

    - Incy - Wincy spider decides to find somewhere new to live. But nowhere in the garden is quite right. Until he finds.... 
    This book has a finger puppet to lift the flaps and open the giant picture page to help Incy find his new home.
    My children love this book.

  • I Spy ABC

    - Vivian French
    - Sally Holmes

    Publisher -
    Walker Books 1998

    - From an antelope in a coat and a tie to a zebra dressed in black and white, there's a whole alphabet of animals to spy in this colourful, fun-packed ABC rhyme.

  • The Grumpalump

    - Sarah Hayes
    - Barbara Firth

    Publisher -
    Walker Books 1990

    - Just what is the grumpalump? A variety of birds and animals try to discover the answer in this simple repetitive, rhyming story with a surprise ending.

  • The Hairy Hamster Hunt  And Other Pet Poems - Compiled by Tony Bradman

    Publisher -
    Macdonald Young Books

    - A really magical compilation of poems with great illustrations (by Chris Fisher)

  • Poems for the very young

    - Selected by Michael Rosen

    Publisher -

    - A lovely selection of traditional and more recent poems. Beautifully illustrated by Bob Graham.


  • Cockadoodle Moo

    - Compiled  by John Foster

    Publisher -
    Oxford University Press (2001)

    - A lovely selection poems for children. Beautifully illustrated by various artists
Reference Books
(Speech related issues)






  • Developmental Dyspraxia - A practical manual for parents and professionals.

    - Madeleine Portwood

    Publisher -
    Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham, England, DH1 5UJ

    Or through David Fulton Publishers, Ormond House, 26-27 Boswell Street, London, WC1N 3JD
    web site - http://www.fultonbooks.co.uk

    -  I have found this book very useful. Madeleine Portwood is a Specialist Senior Educational Psychologist. The aim of the manual is to provide:- assessment techniques to identify dyspraxia, remediation activities to develop perceptual and motor skills, strategies to improve curricular attainments, programmes to develop self-esteem and information about where to find help.
Teaching reading
  • Teach your child to read - A phonetic reading primer for parents and teachers to use with children

    - Annis Garfield
    - Jill Downie and Jane Gedye

    Publisher -
    Vermilion 1992

    Comment  -
    This book presents the phonetic, step-by-step method of teaching reading. It is flexible. It can be taught by parents to one pre-school child, by teachers to a whole class or by parents to an older child in difficulties; it can also rescue children and adults with reading problems.
Games / Toys




  • Game - Story Building Puzzle
    For ages - 4-7 yrs
    Produced by - Marks and Spencers
    Comment - Each set of 4 puzzle pieces builds a sentence.
    There are 9 character pieces, 9 how they got there pieces, 9 where they went pieces and 9 what they did pieces.
    e.g. the girl - went by bus - to the park - and ate an ice-cream.
    You can build lots of different stories, this helps to develop reading skills, enhances imagination, develops word recognition skills and helps increase an awareness of sentence structure.

  • Toy - Super sticker factory
    For ages -5+
    Produced by - MB Creative Hasbro
    Comment - Brilliant for making your own stickers out of small pictures. These can be used just for fun or could be incorporated into your educational/speech therapy activities. You can use bits of magazines or catalogues etc. for pictures. You could also print out our clipart pictures and use these to make stickers. Get your child to draw their own sticker pictures. Refill tape rolls are available from Hasbro.

  • Anyone have any good suggestions for this section?
Videos / Audio CDs


  • Video - Makaton Nursey Rhymes
    Produced by - W H Smith
    Comment - 19 traditional songs and rhymes sung and signed by Dave Benson Phillips. This is a great video.

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