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Parent Information - Developmental Milestones


As a parent of a child with speech difficulties I have found it useful to look at speech and language developmental milestones  information. In the section below I have included links to the best speech and language developmental milestones information that I have managed to find on the web so far.

However useful this information is it is always important to remember that all children are individuals so if they don't reach all the milestones at the ages shown this does not necessarily mean they have a problem.

It is also important that, as a parent, if you suspect that your child has a problem with their speech development it is vital to get a referral to see a qualified speech therapist. See your G.P. or health visitor about how to get a speech therapy referral. Remember parents  know their own child better than anyone else so don't let anyone put you off about seeking advice if you think your child has problems with their speech.

For UK parents you may find the following web site useful:

'Speech and Language Therapy: Your Child's Educational Rights'

Links to developmental milestones information

You will find lots of useful information here, including very sensible advice on interpreting developmental milestones information.

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