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General Educational - Week Snake

Help your child to learn the days of the week.

Finished Week SnakeSlide the today arrow to the correct day.

There is space on the right hand side of the slider to put stickers with regular weekly events e.g. swimming on Saturday etc.

We have our Week Snake positioned near the front door so it can be easily seen every morning as we leave for school.

Use the Week Snake to work out the number of days to go before an event e.g. number of days until a Birthday or day out.

To make a Week Snake
You will need
  • Snake and days of week background sheet
    Snake background sheet            Today pointer pieces and slider bar
  • Today pointer pieces (B+C) and slider bar (D)
    ( All the images you need plus building instructions can be downloaded as an Adobe acrobat .pdf file from our downloads section)
  • Clear sticky back plastic (or laminate the pieces)
  • Clear sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Card

  • Print pages 2 and 3 of the Adobe Acrobat Document (snakeweek.pdf - available in our downloads section) onto card (or onto paper and stick onto card)
  • Laminate or cover all the pieces in sticky back plastic to
    strengthen them.
  • On the snake background (A) carefully cut along the two black lines at the top and bottom of the green bar.
  • Cut out parts (B) and ( C ) to make the today pointer.
    Cut along the black lines on part ( C )
    Cut out part (D) the green bar.
  • Carefully slot part ( C) onto part (D). Make sure it slides up and down
  • Attach part (B) to part (C ) using clear tape at either end, make sure the today slider still freely moves up and down the green bar.
  • With the today pointer in place slide the ends of the green bar (D) through the holes you made on the snake background (A). Tape this firmly into position on the back of (A)
  • You Week Snake is now be ready to use.


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