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General Education .... Split Word Cards


  • This is an activity designed to encourage early reading skills and skills associated with the sequencing of sounds within a word.
  • It works as a matching pairs activity.
  • The left card has a picture to illustrate the word and the beginning sound of the word.
  • The right picture card has the remainder of the word.
  • The child is given a set of cards (four to start with) and has to match up the correct start and end of the word.
  • As your child learns you can then increase the number of cards given to match.
  • You can follow this activity up with longer words split into more than two sections


How to make the cards

  • Print the set of split word cards from the browser. 
  • You can download a zipped folder containing six Adobe Acrobat files of the split word cards shown below. You will need winzip to unzip this file, for more details visit our downloads page.
  • Mount the set of eight cards onto card with glue.
  • When dry cut out the eight cards.
  • It is easy to make these split word cards in your own word processing or publishing package using the clipart available on this site.

Sets of split word cards

  • Set 1 c-at, d-og, f-ox, c-ow
  • Set 2 h-at, c-ap, z-ip, h-ug
  • Set 3 o-wl, p-ig, h-en, b-ee
  • Set 4 b-ed, m-ug, j-ug, m-at
  • Set 5 sh-ip, sh- eep, sh-op, sh-ed
  • Set 6 sh-ark,  sh-oe, sh-eet, sh-apes



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