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General Education...... Read It!


This is a workbook that I have prepared for both my kids as a summer holiday  activity. It is based on a phonetic reading scheme that I am trying to adapt for use with Beth.

You should spell out each word for your child and then say the word i.e. c-a-t says cat, encourage your child to do the same (some of the words have silent letters e.g. lamb you say only the letters you hear ie. l-a-m , explain to your child that in these special words some letters are silent, you may even cross through the letter with a pencil line to help to reinforce this).

 Repeat this spelling out of the words as your child copies the words. As you work through the booklet the 'match up' and 'ring round' activities will give your child chance to practice reading the words they have been learning.

 Give lots of praise and help if your child gets stuck.


Work book contents

  • Copy under word lists e.g.
  • Matching words to pictures e.g.
  • Matching words up e.g.
  • Drawing pictures - words are given e.g. cat, dog hat with space for your child to draw a picture next to the word and also practice copying that word several times.

EACH PAGE has a reward star to colour when the page is completed, and the final page has a well done message and stars and a smiley face to colour. 

Give loads of praise as you work through the book together. Give a  tick for each line completed. Work at a pace that suits your child, short sessions are often more productive than trying to keep your child going when they have had enough.

To get a copy of the workbook

Go to our downloads page to download Read it!1  (a zipped word document)

When I create our next Read it! workbooks  I will  add these to the downloads page.




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