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General Educational - Pet Shop Chaos

Pet Shop Chaos

Help your child to learn to order numbers by size

Edan J - Snake in a treeThe pets have all escaped from their tanks and cages in the pet shop!

The animals are running wild all over the shop!

They have to be put back into the correct sized cages (for mice, cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots and guinea pigs) or tanks (for spiders, bugs, snakes and lizards)

To help you must sort out the animal cards.

To play the game

First find all three cards with one type of animal e.g. mice, then put them under the correct size cages or tanks on the cages or tanks card.

Put the lowest number under the smallest cage or tank then put the middle number under the middle size cage or tank and put the highest number under the largest cage or tank.

When you have sorted out all the pets you get a reward sticker!

Happy pet hunting !

To make Pet Shop Chaos

Alex K - RabbitYou will need
  • Card
  • Clear Sticky back plastic (or laminate)
  • .pdf file from our downloads page
  • Print off the cages game board and the tanks game board onto card, laminate or cover with sticky back plastic.
  • Print off the animal cards page - onto card
  • Cut out the animal cards and laminate or cover with sticky back plastic
  • Have reward stickers to give your child on completion of the game.

Parent Instructions

Aims of game
  • To sort numbers in order of size
  • To introduce the Less than < sign
  • To work on early mathematics skills
  • For low numbers the number of images matches the number on the card eg 3 mice accompanied by 3 pictures. For higher numbers e.g 65 spiders only one picture is shown.


This game can be adapted for different settings eg

  • Farmyard chaos - use paddocks/pens instead of cages and tanks. Animals - cows, sheep, pigs, horses, goats.
  • Zoo escape - use enclosures/pens. Animals tigers, elephants, monkeys, hippopotamus, zebras etc

Beth J - catFor children just beginning to work with numbers stick to animal cards with numbers below 10 and only use one or two animals per game session. As confidence and skills progress use higher numbers and more sets per game.

This game can be extended to use numbers only (with no pictures) and > signs only (no cages/tanks), start with ordering 3 numbers and progress to more as confidence and skills increase.


Please go to our downloads page for a .pdf file with everything you need to make the game.


Images of the cages and tanks are available on our clipart pages and so are many animal images if you want to make your own version of this game.


Thanks to Edan J for the snake in the tree and lizard, Bethany J for the cat and Alex K for the rabbit.


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