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General Educational - Number friends

Help your child to learn number bonds to 10 e.g 7 + 3 = 10

These number monsters like to make friends!

Best friends numbers add up to 10

Best friends like to wear matching hats.

Find the pairs of best friends (numbers add up to 10) and give them matching hats.

This game has Monster cards with numbers on their tummies. As well as the numeral there are also dots to help visualise the number.

Your child finds pairs of monsters who's numbers add up to 10 and then gives them matching hats.

To make Number Friends

You will need
  • Card
  • Clear Sticky back plastic (or laminate)
  • Sticky back Velcro dots and strips
  • Clear plastic sheet e.g. overhead transparency film
  • Sticky tape
  • .pdf file from our downloads page
  • Print out all the pages onto card
  • On the first page make a pocket to store the cards over the green square by using sticky tape to attach an oblong of clear plastic.
  • Stick strips of soft Velcro in the Hats box
  • Cut out the monster cards - laminate or cover with sticky back plastic to strengthen.
  • Laminate and cut out all the hats. Use sticky back Velcro dots to attach the hats to the monsters heads (make sure the hooky side of the Velcro goes on the hats so they will stick to the Velcro in the hats box on the storage sheet).

Number Friends Game

To play Number Friends

  • Spread the cards out in front of your child.
  • Ask your child to find the number friends - friend's numbers add up to 10
  • Encourage your child to try different combinations and count the spots on the monsters tummies to see if they add up to 10.
  • When a pair of number friends is identified e.g 6 and 4 your child chooses matching hats for the friends from the hats square on the storage sheet and places the friends to on side next to each other.
  • Continue until all the number friends have been identified


Always make the game a positive and enjoyable experience

Play for a short amount of time only and repeat often

The game can be extended to cards with just the numbers once the number monsters can all be confidently matched.


Please go to our downloads page for a .pdf file with everything you need to make the game.




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