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General Education .... Spelling Fish


I saw this idea used at my sons infant school. Words you want your child to learn to spell are written on the scales of a fish.

When your child can spell the word they can colour the scale. The activity could be adapted as a simple word reading activity for those children who are not yet ready to try learning to spell words.

Spelling Fish

Spelling fish with words

This fish has various words written on each scale (suitable for an average 7 year old)

It is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat fish1.pdf file from our downloads page

Blank spelling fish

This fish is blank so you can practice whichever words you choose.

It is available to download as an Adobe Acrobat fish_blank.pdf file from our downloads page


  • Use fish with only a few scales.
  • Use other pictures - you could have words written on the petals of a flower. We have used words written on the sections of a tortoise shell. Or feathers on a bird with outstreched wings.









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