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Help on using this CD to make educational resources(28.5 Kb) .doc .pdf Microsoft Word
Images arranged alphabetically Images designed to be used at a size of 2x2 inches with a resolution of 200 dpi. These images can be enlarged up approximately 5x5 inches and still give you a clear image.(Total = 5.7 MB) .jpg Import images into Word or Publisher documents. Or open images in an image editor program.
Images arranged by topic (sub folders include, activity , food, household, people and occasions, animals, transport, plants and nature, buildings and places) Folder animals - 57 images (1.51 MB) .jpg Import images into Word or Publisher documents. Or open images in an image editor program.
Folder activities - 20 images(618 Kb)
Folder household - 43 images(1 MB)
Folder food - 18 images(423 Kb)
Folder people and occasions - 45 images(1.15Mb )
Folder transport - 27 images(822 Kb)
Folder plants and nature - 9 images(202 Kb)
Folder buildings and places - 11 images(312 Kb)
Toys 15 images(481 Kb)
Think of a 2002 A game designed to get your child to think of words beginning with various sounds - includes 4 A4 printable pages that combine to make a game board plus oops cards. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Beginning to end Game board plus game cards for words begining and ending with 'ch, 'th', and 'sh' .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader 
On my way to school I saw A game designed by Freida van Staden to encourage your child to use descriptive language.
.pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sound Train Pictures to make engine and wagon .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sound train letter cards, a to z, sh, th, ch and vowel sounds .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Frog Hop Lily pad game board, word and picture cards, frog picture .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Rabbit Hop Rabbit picture and dandelion patches .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader 
Fill in a word - Freddy Fox story Freddy Fox words and pictures .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Freddy Fox Original story .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Freddy Fox story with blanks .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Animal Picture card match up Two animal picture boards and two matching animal word boards .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Story picture cubes This activity uses a set of 5 picture cubes (first character, transport, destination, second character, activity) and a game board to place them on. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sound spinner Sound spinner background image and arrow (kindly prepared by Duncan Taylor using the resources on our website) .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Silly Rhymes and Crazy characters Crazy monsters, picture cards, name cards and Monster rhyme .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Crazy creatures (Ricky tricky, Rog frog and Rough scruff pup .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Odd One Out 10 Odd one out sets each with four pictures plus a blank page ready to import images to set up your own odd one out sets. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Fish Tails Fish and shark puzzle pieces.
Ocean background
.pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Fill in a word - Mum baked a cake Story with blanks, 'ch' and 'sh' words .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Letter Crash Letter crash 1 'ch' Letter crash 2 'j' .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Split Word cards 6 sets of 4 split word cards .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Picture Alphabet Picture alphabet, letters A to Z (upper and lower case each with picture) .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Fraction lines To help teachyour child about fractions .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Number and tables squares 1 to 100 number square and 1 to 10 times tables square. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Number square and Times tables 1-10 X 1 to 10 times tables square & Numbers 1 to 100 in a square .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Number Spinner Number spinner (to be used as an alternative to dice in games) .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Read It! An early reading workbook, based on a phonics approach to teaching reading .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Find It! (not on web site) An early reading activity, tables with pictures and words. Play finding words, matching words and pictures and reading words. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
What time is it - clock design Pictures to build your own teaching clock. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Fish words A simple activity to help your child learn to spell .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Well done Certificate Well done certificate. .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Snake week Teach your child the days of the week .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Stickers Stickers to print on Avery J8160 Inkjet Address Labels .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
Sticker Chart Chart with 20 spaces for stickers ) .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader
What and when (not on web site) What and when - planning chart .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader

Caution I am not a speech therapist and the activities I am offering are in no way a substitute for professional speech therapy. They are designed purely to support such therapy.

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