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Kids Crafts ....... Christmas Colouring


fairyHere are some Christmas images to colour in and also some ideas for decorations you can make with your child.

We also have various Christmas clipart images - ideal for printing out to cut and stick on your home made Christmas cards.

Christmas colouring

Select the image to go to a larger image suitable for printing from your browser. OR go to our downloads page where you can download a zipped Microsoft Word document with all these colouring pages (each picture approx A4 size)

Decorations ideas

  • Try making a Xmas collage picture
    • Santa - use red paper for his suit, black for boots and belt. Use cotton wool balls for beard and trim on suit. Use scraps of wrapping paper and ribbon to make a pile of presents.
    • Christmas tree - cut 3 triangles out of green paper, make each triangle larger than the last. Overlap your triangles to make a tree shape. Add a red pot at the base.

      Decorate the tree with circles of coloured paper or holographic card. Use glitter glue to draw sparkling threads over your tree.
      This idea can be used on a small scale to make e.g. Christmas cards or use  larger triangles (5-7) and make a tree to cover a door. Sweet wrappers are good for making decorations for your tree.
    • Snowman - Cut a snowman shape out of white paper. Cut out black circles from card or paper to make eyes and buttons etc. Cut a carrot shape out of orange card and add stripes of gold glitter glue. Cover your snowman in PVA glue position the circles of black card to make his eyes, smile and buttons stick the carrot nose in position. Now sprinkle artificial snow or white glitter all over your snow man and allow to dry. Make a hat and scarf out of coloured card and decorate with glitter. Make 'twig' arms out of black card.
    • Snowy hill with robins - Use a white piece of paper cut into a hill shape. Cut out and paint several robins
      Use gold glitter glue to decorate their beaks and red glitter on the robins red breasts. Cut 'footprints' out of black card/paper. Cover the hill with PVA glue stick on footprint tracks and robins (make sure you don't get glue on the footprints or robins top surface) then sprinkle artificial snow or white glitter over the rest of the hill. You should then have a snowy hill with robins and footprint tracks. Have some robins flying over the top of your hill.
  • Make an 'Icy Grotto' - Use foil to cover sections of wall and also to make long icicles. Make icicles out of white card and decorate with silver white or pale blue glitter. Make snowflakes out of white paper and decorate with glitter, or use holographic tissue paper or card to make snowflakes. The free CD's that drop through your mail box on a regular basis (usually internet service providers!) if not needed can be decorated with glitter and stuck onto the wall. Decorate silver plastic tree baubles with glitter and hang on different length pieces of silver ribbon to look like flying snowballs. Bring in some twigs from the garden spray with 'snow spray' or decorate with white and silver glitter to make a frosty effect. Try making a large snowman collage for the wall or a snowy hill with robins. Use cotton wool to decorate a window sill with a snowy effect, sprinkle a little silver glitter on top to make it look frosty.
  • Use Free Internet CDs (if not needed!) stick two together shiny side out , decorate with glitter and glue, thread a ribbon through the hole in the middle and hang up as a decoration.




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