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General Education ...... Picture Alphabet


The alphabet shown with both upper and lower case letters. Each letter has a picture underneath that begins with that letter (except x where a picture of a fox is used along with the word to show how this letter comes at the end of this word) 

Use the picture alphabet to help your child learn their alphabet. Use it when your child is reading so if they come across a letter in a word that they can't remember they can use the picture alphabet to help.

Picture Alphabet

To print out our Picture Alphabet you can -

  • Select the picture above to print it directly from your browser (Make sure that your page orientation is set to portrait in page set up). These are quite large images so they may take a moment or two to download onto the page, this helps to keep the images as clear as possible when printed from the browser.
  • Go to our downloads page to download two zipped Adobe Acrobat files, one for letters A to O the other for letters P to Z. These Adobe acrobat files will give you a larger (A4) clearer image than the one you will get printing from the browser.

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