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Parent Information - Reading together


The following information helps parents with ideas about the best way to approach reading practice with their child. It has been very kindly provided by Ms K Mayer, a local infant school head teacher with great expertise in teaching young children to read.

Reading Together - Information for parents
Enjoy it.

Encourage your child by giving lots of praise.


Talk about the pictures and stories. Ask questions.

For how long?

Don't read for too long. A short time, maybe 5 minutes, will be long enough



Choose a good time for both of you.


Find a quiet place where you can sit side by side.

"I don't want to"

Don't force or threaten your child if they do not want to read.

Some Do's and Don'ts
  • Get angry or threaten to tell the teacher if mistakes are made.
  • Compare your child to others.
  • Force, criticise or expect overnight success.
  • Make reading a pleasant event.
  • Give praise and encouragement.
  • Give time to try words.
  • Help children over difficulties.

Contact your school if you have any worries or questions about reading.




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